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Qneuron is Sri Lanka's First Quantum Computing Company

Qneuron solves industry’s most demanding computational challenges
by recasting problems to harness the power of advanced computing.
We are launching our company very soon.

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Get To Know Us.

We recognize intractable industry problems and develop the algorithms necessary to harness the greatest classical and quantum hardware technologies to solve them.

Technology is frequently scaling, and we believe applications should be developed to scale along with it. Qneuron is dedicated to resolving industry’s most demanding computational challenges by building software that allows applications to frequently benefit from advances in both quantum and classical hardware.

More About Us.

Qneuron redefines difficult problems by reframing them to accomplish superior results using the most efficient quantum and classical processors built to date. We work with our partners to build industry applications on our awakaza cloud platform to produce the finest available results today, while continually increasing these results through the ability to switch the fundamental solver as new releases and hardware architectures are developed.

We are a different team of inquisitive technology specialists who collaboratively discover new methods of computation because we love the challenges and recognize the rewards.We share an interest and push to uncover new ways of solving currently difficult problems using advanced classical and quantum systems.

Meaning of Qneuron

We named our company Qneuron to refer to Quantum neuron which is an elementary building block for machine learning on quantum computers.

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In this group, we will concentrate on computation math aspect of QC as opposed to Physics or Computers design. In a very simplistic way this group is created to give an opportunity to current Sri Lankan software developers do not go extinct in the advent of quantum computer revolution that may be about to happen.

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What We Do.

Our expertise lies at the intersection of industry’s difficult problems and the latest developments in the quantum and classical hardware ecosystem.

Quantum Opportunity Assessment

Qneuron will begin each commitment by gaining a knowledge of the computationally intensive problems faced by our partners. We identify which problems can benefit from the various quantum computing architectures and provide a suggestion for which technologies will have an impact on our partners’ businesses and their industries.

Proof-Of-Concept Prototype

We prototype the identified solutions by redeveloping them to run on the classical and quantum hardware that is best suited to solve them. The prototype contains the best possible classical solution, which is often quantum-inspired, as well as the best possible creation for the quantum architecture that has proved the strongest near-term results. Our industry partners can test the results of the proof of concept versus their existing solutions and provide feedback on the output, prior to software production.


Our aim to work on cutting-edge quantum computing, computer science, neuroscience, ethics, and public policy to responsibly develop AI systems. Research scientists and engineers work together across Qneuron and with partners to create systems that can benefit all parts of society.


Our engineers will help accelerate our research by building, maintaining, and optimizing tools and environments. From scaling research prototypes to developing bespoke environments, our engineers allow us to operate safe, thorough experimentation at scale.


Our multidisciplinary group of researchers and engineers work together with expert partners on a wide variety of scientific problems.

Qneuron for Circlebook

Our researchers and engineers will work with partners of Circlebook and Awakaza cloud to apply our systems in the real world.

Start an exciting career at Qneuron

Join us on our journey to resolving the world’s most difficult challenges and become part of a team dedicated to making a significant impact on the world.

If you are interested to join Qneuron, simply send us your cv to careers@qneuron.com. We will let you know when we launch Qneuron and our team will review your CV and send a response soon.